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Improve Legal Processes Through New Hardware

Oct 31, 2017 | Blog Posts

Improve Legal Process through new Hardware from NECS. Today, many law firms are upgrading their processes through new software tools that can speed up common tasks like research and client communication. It’s important to remember, however, that new hardware can also play a role in optimizing workflows.

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This blog post will review some areas of hardware in which law firms may want to invest to boost productivity, employee satisfaction, and client satisfaction.

What hardware is currently used the most?

It can be first helpful to consider the kinds of hardware that are more prevalent in one’s practice. Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends research shows that multifunction printing/copying devices are quite common in law firms, with 97% using them. Desktop computers and laptops are also relatively widespread.

What types of technology is used in your office for work related purposes?

Source: Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends primary research

What hardware improvements might make sense?

When determining what hardware changes to make, an organization needs to think about its current infrastructure. For example, it may be wise to ask the following questions:

  • Do current devices work sufficiently?
  • Are there enough devices to satisfy worker demand?
  • Are faster speeds and/or other features necessary or preferable?
  • Are personal or company-provided devices preferable?
  • What devices are becoming more relevant over time?

From these responses, organizations can start to uncover which hardware updates might make sense. For example, a firm in need of faster scanning may opt for several single-function scanners that are both affordable and capable of scanning at quicker speeds than their current multifunction devices.

Beyond print, scan, computing, and mobile devices, other potential areas of hardware to modernize include the Internet/network infrastructure. As part of this upgrade, it may make be sensible to update routers and access points for Wi-Fi connectivity. The newest 802.11ac routers and access points support more simultaneous users at a higher data transfer rate than the older models.

Where can I get more information?

Law firms seeking to boost their hardware capabilities are encouraged to speak to their technology provider(s) for more information. They can supplement these conversations with online research, product reviews, and feedback from colleagues on what hardware is most needed.


New software is only part of the legal business process improvement equation. New hardware and/or hardware capabilities can help law firms become more efficient, productive, and effective at serving clients as well as the law. Whether firms choose to optimize PCs, print devices, or other technology altogether, they have an opportunity to dramatically improve their operational success.

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