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NECS’ Information Management Systems Group (IMS) specializes in making companies more efficient with how they handle critical company data. We utilize technology to automate processes, enhance workflow and securely manage documents.

NECS’ IMS Group Provides:

  • Document Management
  • Automation Software
  • Workflow Software
  • Scanning Software
  • Electronic Forms

NECS offers cloud-based and on-premise solutions that increase efficiencies:


  1. Greatly enhance the ability to find company data
  2. Leveraging Technology to assist in company workflows, get more work done with less people.
  3. Compliance
  4. Better Customer Service
  5. Disaster Recovery
  6. Forms Automation
  7. Reduce Departmental Costs


Discover how you can manage, audit, and store your documents for any length of time with our document management software solutions.

New England Copy Specialists has been providing cutting edge document management products as a proud partner and reseller for Digitech Systems, a worldwide leader in the records management industry.

PaperVision Enterprise, the on-premise file management software, and ImageSilo, the on-demand (cloud-based) management system, add value for our customers by reducing costs, enhancing security and compliance, and simplifying disaster recovery.
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PaperVision Document Management

Control access and increase information security using the simple, searchable PaperVision document management software system. Enable automation and tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle with Digitech PaperVision.

ImageSilo: Cloud Document Management

Enjoy easy, anytime online access to your data without the added investment in hardware, software or IT personnel. Outsource your content management needs with ImageSilo, an expansive, highly secure, proven and reputable cloud-based data management software.

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New England Copy Specialists works with companies of all sizes to automate their paper-intensive processes with our full array of document management solutions.

Whether you have one employee with administrative duties or utilize a full staff for processing documents, SMB or global enterprise, our automation software will help you reduce and eliminate the manual processes associated with paper documents, allowing staff to be repurposed to more productive and efficient job functions.

Utilizing our automation software, your business will now be able to:

  • Reduce paper and hard copy files
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Regulate security and compliance
  • Monitor document trail through your workflow
  • Flag users when a task needs to be completed
  • Streamline business processes
  • Eliminate duplicate documents
  • Integrate with your current technology
  • Reduce overall operating costs


Our workflow software offering, PaperVision Enterprise, delivers any document, anywhere, anytime – including email. Securely organize, store and retrieve information with the snap of a finger. Control and manage information of any kind in an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Benefits of our system include:

Unlimited Scalability

  • Run on a single workstation or thousands
  • Scale across multiple application servers, web servers and database servers

Intelligent Search

  • Reliable, accurate information at your finger tips
  • Search detailed information like invoice number, date range, value range, etc. in seconds
  • Full-text search capabilities pinpoint key words throughout the content of any document
  • Users can then view, print, export and email content as needed

Custom Security Controls

  • Administrators can control who is able to read, write, print or access documents at anytime
  • Authorized users can require electronic signature as part of review or approval process
  • Data encryption during transmission and storage
  • Record retention and destruction policies
  • Extensive content audit trail to ensure government and industry compliance

Efficient Collaboration

  • Provides check-in/check-out control to ensure all users are working on the latest, most accurate version, without fear of overwriting the document
  • PaperVision Enterprise supports virtually any type of content, including electronic files, paper records, images, print streams and even email messages
  • Store and retrieve nearly 250 file types in their native formats
  • Ensure disaster protection
  • Package all data into a single, encrypted, compressed files and transfer between sites through FTP or secure FTP


Get control of critical, paper-based information quickly and easily

Start scanning now! You will eliminate costly and ineffective paper records and welcome in a new efficient, effective workplace. PaperFlow improves your productivity and gives you better control of critical, paper-based business information. Plus, it works with PaperVision® Enterprise, ImageSilo®, other ECM systems or virtually any line-of-business application.

PaperFlow is incredibly easy to use. User-friendly features make setup, scanning, and indexing easier than ever before. You can import existing legacy PaperFlow data quickly and simply. Setup and run the entire application on a single workstation and avoid the hassle of installing, configuring and maintaining a database.

Get to work immediately, because the familiar Microsoft® ribbon-based user interface gives you access to virtually any feature in seconds. Implement PaperFlow now to immediately start scanning and saving documents as PDF or other image formats!

Improve your results using PaperFlow

Think scanning your older paper records is too time-intensive? Think again! PaperFlow makes it fast and easy to capture the critical business information you have stored in paper files. Setup the system in minutes using the Job Setup Wizard, which guides you through five easy steps. Create index information without typing a single character!

You can automatically populate index values via barcodes and OCR, or use Quick Click to simply click on the term you need in the document image to populate that data in the index field. You can also integrate with nearly any data source and merge data across individual documents or entire batches with Match and Merge.

Save your money

PaperFlow makes document conversion affordable for everyone. The system installs on your desktop and works with hundreds of scanners, so you don’t have to buy expensive new hardware. It installs in minutes, and no other capture product makes it this easy (and inexpensive) to index all of your critical information. Plus, you can custom create any feature you want, including exports, using the custom code engine. You’ll eliminate the expense of on and offsite document storage and start using every square foot of your office space to make money!


Paperless Information Capture & Workflow with Electronic Forms

Improving process efficiency and tightening information control is critical to many organizations and they are turning to workflow, digital signatures and electronic forms from PaperVision to complement their existing data management strategies.

PaperVision E-forms enables companies to capture data digitally from the point of origin by collecting customer or employee information using electronic, web-based forms on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Once collected, the information is stored in your PaperVision or ImageSilo document management software and workflow automates the process of information through your business processes, including obtaining legally-binding digital signatures on contracts, forms, applications, and other documents.

When used together, these three technologies can significantly improve productivity for common processes such as new account creation, contract execution or invoice approvals.

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